Anglo American Hand Tools

BOA first introduced the Constrictor strap wrench in 1994 and since then have sold over 15 million units worldwide making it a phenomenally successful invention

The team at BOA continues to develop new and innovative products within the hand tools industry.

Manufacturing facilities are located in the UK with warehouse distribution in Germany and USA. BOA continues to offer solutions and world class services through new technologies and patented ideas.


Berger Gardening Hand Tool Catalog

Our Manufacturers
  • Berger Gardening Tools
  • Osca Hammers and Chisels
  • Hazet Automotive Tools
  • Irega Wrenches
  • Knipex Pliers
  • Kukko Pullers
  • Nes Thread Repair
  • Rennsteig
  • Schroder
  • Thor Hammers and Mallets
  • Turnus
  • Virax
  • Witte Screwdrivers
  • Grip-On Pliers and Clamps Hand Tools
  • Suprabeam LED Flashlights Headlamps
  • Tome Feteira Files Rasps Hand Tools
  • Ratch Cut Tap Wrenches Hand Tools
  • Boa Adjustable Strap Wrenches Hand Tools