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2016 Koln Fair

Grip-On's GR11110 Named "The Best Locking Pliers" by

May 27, 2016 written by AAT Team has named our Grip-On GR11110 Curved Jaw Locking Pliers as the "Best" choice among 10 other popular sets of pliers. Author and tool pro Doug Mahoney led the research and testing for this article, and we are excited to share Mahoney and his team's findings.

Here is what Mahoney and his team had to say about our Grip-On GR11110 Curved Jaw Locking Pliers:

After three carpenters tested 10 sets of pliers, the praise for the Grip-Ons was unanimous. In my 15 years of tool using/reviewing experience, I’ve never seen a pair of locking pliers combine so much finesse with such aggressive gripping force. These pliers have, by far, the smoothest and easiest unlocking mechanism of any pair tested. They also have a jaw-sizing knob that turns easily, an overall build quality that is outstanding, and a funky orange color that’s easy to get behind for purely aesthetic reasons. Click here to read more...

The build quality and mechanics of the Grip-Ons far exceeded the other models we looked at. None of our testers knew that a pair of locking pliers could be so smooth. Click here to read more...

To read the full review, please visit this link:

2016 Koln Fair

The 2016 International Hardware Fair, Koln, Germany

February 12, 2016 written by AAT Team

For over 50 years, the International Hardware Fair has been hosted in Koln, Germany. The fair runs every two years and has been recognized as the leading trade show in both the hardware and tools industries, with over 2,000 exhibitors from 50 countries showcasing their new and existing products to over 53,000 visitors from 132 countries.

Anglo American Tools will be attending the show from March 6th – 8th to meet and re-connect with various existing factory partners in order to discuss the potential and expansion of their product lines here in the US. This allows the opportunity to supply our customers and end users with the widest range of problem solving, high-quality European hand tools.

While discussing new opportunities with existing partners, Anglo will also be utilizing their time to explore new brands from European factories with the possibility of creating additions to their current line of innovative hand tools.

In addition to the show, Anglo American Tools will take advantage of several factory tours in order to obtain a better understanding of the outstanding quality and hard work that is put into the design and development of every hand tool.

The team attending the show is excited for their trip and look forward exploring new opportunities.

Company Spotlight Video: VIRAX CUTTING TOOLS

October 23, 2015 by Anglo American Tools

Located in Epernay, France, VIRAX designs and manufactures high performance, ergonomic cutting tools for over 75 countries worldwide.

VIRAX is committed to ensuring the total, continuous satisfaction of it’s end users by calling upon decades of experience of offering high quality products and solutions to it’s users and partners.

This is accomplished by exceeding expectations in terms of performance, reliability, ergonomics and design. On a yearly basis, VIRAX incorporates new, more efficient technologies and materials in the production of their products.

To view our VIRAX tools, click here. Or to download VIRAX's full-line catalog, click here.

Long live the Queen, A history

September 10, 2015 written by Stephen Tuck

As many of you are aware, Derrick and Sheila Tuck, the founders of Anglo American Tool, as well as their son, Stephen, the current owner, were born in England. They emigrated to the United States in 1969 and began Anglo American Tools in 1973.

On September 9th and in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s longevity of surpassing Queen Victoria as the longest serving monarch in Britain, being 63 years, 7 months and 3 days, the owners of Anglo American Tools are proud of their heritage. They are also proud to represent some British hand tool manufacturers who are based in England, including Thor hammers, Boa strap wrenches, Rollins/Fisher squares as well as Eclipse tools. In years past, Anglo American Tools was proud to represent Record Marples, Robert Sorby, Cintride, Aven, Blundell, Rabone Chesterman, Spiralux, Riverting Systems and other industrial manufacturers from the 1970’s. In addition, they have also worked closely with the British Trade Office to provide logistics support for companies manufacturing English gifts such as aprons, thimbles, bobbins and most recently, Roger Lascelles clocks.

England is proud of its heritage and many of you are familiar with Winston Churchill and many others.

As an interesting story, Sheila was telling the story of how at the young age of 12 years old, she was Queen for the Day on Coronation Day, June 2, 1953. It was a very public occasion whereby most towns in Britain took the day off and had street parties as well as special tributes to the new monarch.

The interesting fact is that Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952, otherwise known as her accession. However, as is customary, there was a period of mourning for the death of King George VI, as well as many months of preparation to assume the crown of Great Britain. Then, as has been done for over 900 years, since 1066, she was crowned in Westminster Abbey by the Archbishop of Canterbury on June 2, 1953.

Queen Victoria became Queen on June 20, 1837 (Coronation on June 28, 1838) until she passed away on January 22, 1901. This represented a total of 63 years, 7 months and 2 days. During her reign, there was an enormous industrial growth including the popularity and use of steel. Her reign was declared the Victorian Era.

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II on her longevity. And if you want to know more, ask Sheila about her memories of being “Queen for the Day” on Coronation Day back in 1953.

Unbreakable, Ergonomic and Free of Vibrations. The New Osca 2000 Series is a Marvel in Latest Generation Hammer Technology.

February 3, 2014 written by Alana Veliz

Osca hammers and chisels

Introducing a new innovation in the world of hammers. OSCA’s 2000 series of hammers incorporate a patented three-component handle technology making it a truly remarkable hammer unlike any other on the market.

OSCA, a premier manufacturer of hand tools in Italy are known widely for their distinct design and function of their range of hammers.

The 2000 series of hammers takes the cake as the most technologically advanced hammers to date. They are offered in two styles, as a Club Hammer or a Machinist’s Hammer. Both styles incorporate the same technology and features such as a patented safety forged collar, a steel wedge to ensure a mechanical fixing, lacquered sides, polished striking faces, blunted edges and most importantly, the patented three-component handle system.

So what is this three-component handle system? It was designed by OSCA as a response to the professional hand tool industry to provide a hammer that is unbreakable, ergonomic and free of vibrations.

The handle itself is comprised of 3 components. An aluminum alloy core elongates through the entire hammer that allows the hammer to function free of vibrations. The integration of nylon in the handle allows for an ergonomic design that is unbreakable. Lastly, a thermoplastic rubber handle acts as an anti-slip component resistant to oils and solvents.

The club hammer comes in 5 different sizes ranging from a handle length of 10” to 11” and a face diameter of 1.5” to 2”. The machinist’s hammer comes in 5 different sizes ranging from a handle length of 12” to 16” and a face diameter of 1” to 2”.

The OSCA 2000 series of hammers are a solid choice for any professional. The form and function of these hammers are sure to get the job done with the desired results that you want, to solve any problem. Not only does the 2000 series look great and have the technology to back it up, but they are made to last. With hand picked resources of the finest quality, your OSCA hammer will last for years to come. A sophisticated hammer, for the true professional. That’s what OSCA delivers for you.

To learn more about OSCA’s high quality hammers & chisels visit or contact Anglo American Tools at 856.784.8600 or visit our website at

This Isn't Your Standard Wrench. This Is The Super Wide Opening Adjustable Wrench from Irega. Proof that Size Matters.

June 2, 2014 written by Alana Veliz

Irega adjustable wrench

This isn’t a standard wrench, not even a wide opening wrench. This is the new Super Wide Opening (SWO) wrench from the world’s premier manufacturer of adjustable wrenches, IREGA.

Focusing on a devotion to quality and unparalleled technical prowess, IREGA has now introduced the SWO 92-series of adjustable wrenches that can open up to the capacity of a standard 12” wrench.

The features and benefits of the 92 Series SWO wrench are sure to be a problem solver for different applications you may need to tackle. There is no wobble or play in the lower jaw for a perfect grip on a nut or bolt. A non-protruding jaw shank and slim profile permit access to tight spaces allowing for a perfect fit in any instance. The SWO wrench is made of high quality chrome-vanadium steel providing great resistance, minimum wear and unbeatable durability. The jaws are available with a measuring scale in inches for easy presetting and sizing of nuts, bolts and pipes.

In conjunction with the superior design of the jaw, an important feature of the SWO wrench is the replaceable two-component handle. The handle has been ergonomically designed with an Ergo Top rubber grip to reduce stress on the hands and wrist, providing maximum comfort.

The Super Wide Opening Wrench from IREGA is offered in both 6“ and 8” models. For greater accessibility, IREGA has developed the SWO 92XS Xtra Slim model that is 50% thinner than standard wrenches providing a lightweight, compact and versatile profile.

IREGA adjustable wrenches are high performance hand tools for use in automotive, plumbing, HVAC and maintenance industries. As the premier manufacturer of adjustable wrenches in Europe, IREGA focuses on quality and performance, providing lasting results with overwhelming customer satisfaction.

To learn more about IREGA's high quality SWO adjustable wrenches visit or contact Anglo American Tools at 856.784.8600 or visit our website at

Virax Plumbing Tools

Turnus High Quality Industrial Stamping Tools and All-Steel Clamps

February 17, 2014 written by Kyle Williams

Anglo American Tools broadens it’s large-scale selection of industrial problem solving hand tools with the addition of high quality clamps and unique letter and number stamps from German manufacturer TURNUS.

TURNUS, a sister company of award-winning puller manufacturer KUKKO, produces alphanumeric letter and number stamps in different degrees of hardness and many different sizes, including digits 0-9, upper and lower case letters, the Greek alphabet and a variety of specialty symbols.

The stamps are used for hand-held, hammer struck applications and have crowned striking surfaces to ensure full striking force to the center of the stamp, with textured shanks to provide an easy grip.

In addition to the letter and number stamps, TURNUS also produces high quality, ergonomic all-steel L-Clamps. The most popular model is the adjustable malleable cast iron clamp.

The Adjustable L-Clamp includes a two-component grip for effortless clamping, as well as fixed and moving arms on a hollow profile rail with a galvanized grooved slide. The trapezoidal threaded spindle is burnished for smooth operation. The handle can be adjusted to a 90 degree angle for maximum torque and increased clamping pressure. Something truly unique in today’s industrial hand tool marketplace.

To learn more about these high quality stamping tools and all-steel clamps, in addition to the complete range of Turnus items, please contact Anglo American Tools at 856-784-8600, like us on Facebook or visit our online store

Virax Plumbing Tools

Anglo Partners with Plumbing Tool Manufacturer – Virax

January 23, 2014 written by Kyle Williams

Anglo American Tools is proud to announce its partnership with Virax – Manufacturer of plumbing tools from France.

Virax, located in Epernay, France, specializes in manufacturing and design of professional, innovative plumbing, heating, air conditioning and roofing tools, currently sold in over 75 countries world-wide. Without cutting corners, Virax grants bountiful manpower and industrial investments, continuously enhancing and perfecting their high quality innovations and designs utilized in the development of their tool line on a daily basis.

Matching performance, ergonomics, design and reliability allows Virax to provide a quality product to the customer that ensures a long-lasting tool life with its correct use of operation and conditions. Some products currently sold by Anglo include the copper, plastic and steel tube cutters, which effortlessly cuts through tubing in plumbing applications and provides a compact design and an easy blade changing method.

Learn more about Virax Plumbing Tools.


Nes Thread Repair listed as PTEN "Top 10" most requested item of 2013

January 03, 2014 written by Kyle Williams

Professional Tool and Equipment News Magazine will be announcing the “Top 100 Most Requested Products by Readers in 2013” list in their December publication. This annual list by PTEN is determined by the amount of inquiries each featured product in the “Online Buyer’s Guide” receives throughout the year.

This year, NES Thread Repair has been featured in the “Top 10” list, climbing 15 spots from the list in 2012’s edition of PTEN “Top 100”. This is a proud achievement for both NES and Anglo American Tools, as we are honored these high quality, innovative thread repair tools have interested so many readers over the past two years.

NES Thread Repair tools replace a huge array of taps and dies by repairing both internal and external damaged threads without the need for calibration or identifying thread type.

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