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Hammers from the Heavens

August 1, 2013 written by Andrew Tobin

Ancient Norse mythology holds that Thor, son of Odin and God of Thunder, wielded the most extraordinary hammer ever made: Mjӧlnir, a throwing hammer which always sped directly to its mark then rebounded right back to Thor’s hand.

For over a century the Thor Hammer Company Ltd. has specialized in the manufacturing of top quality, non-destructive hammers and mallets in the tradition of excellence set by the fabled Mjӧlnir. The company’s roots trace back to 1910 when the Birmingham Belting Company Ltd. was founded by the Stephens family in Birmingham, England. Birmingham Belting manufactured flexible drive belts for use in cotton mills and multiple other essential industrial applications. At this time only a small section of the company was involved in the production of rawhide hammers and mallets.

In 1935 Walter Stephens decided to move the hammer and mallet section to separate premises in the Snow Hill region of Birmingham. Stepping away from the belting operation allowed Walter to concentrate his efforts on further developing the Thor Hammer Company. Within a year new products were launched, one of the most popular being a copper-rawhide hammer which had an iron head fitted with one copper face and one rawhide face. Thor’s innovations impressed local car manufacturer SS Cars (renamed Jaguar in 1945) and the decision was made to include a copper-rawhide hammer in the toolkit for each car they made.

Demand for Thor hammers continued to grow during WWII, as the British government used Thor products in the construction of temporary “Bailey” bridges and in the repair of tanks and other military equipment. Engineers were able construct bridges and carry out repairs quickly and safely, all done in relative silence thanks to the innovative design of Thor hammers. Engineers from all over the world began to appreciate the unique benefits of Thor hammers and consequently continued to use Thor products after they returned home from the war. To this day the copper-rawhide hammer remains the most popular Thor hammer.

Developments in the production of plastic materials during the 1940’s led to the introduction of a line of modern plastic hammers with faces that could be replaced by hand. The company relocated to Shirley--its current location on the outskirts of Birmingham--in the 1950’s. Subsequent decades saw the introduction of even more products including hard-wearing nylon hammers, dead blow hammers as well as both solid copper and brass mallets. The Thor line now comprises over 150 different types of soft faced hammers and mallets.

Today, Thor exports nearly 50% of its production to more than 80 countries around the world and has become the world’s largest manufacturer dedicated to the production of non-destructive, soft-faced hammers and mallets. Thor remains a family company to this day and has been managed by three generations of the Stephens family. Walter Stephens became Chairman after appointing his son Michael to the role of Managing Director in 1966. Years later Michael’s son Duncan also joined the family business.

Anglo American Tools has been the sales representative and exclusive distributor for the Thor line in the United States since the 1970’s. While more information on Thor soft-faced hammers and mallets is available on our website (, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have (856-784-8600 or

Visit Anglo American Tools at the 2013 ISA Show

May 30, 2013 written by Andrew Tobin

Every year the ISA Product Show and Conference brings suppliers, manufacturers of industrial related products, master industrial distributors, sales representatives and service providers together to showcase their respective products and services. This two day show provides distributors and industrial manufacturer's reps with ample time to explore the floor in order to learn about the newest products on the market.

As an industrial supplier and the representative for numerous European manufacturers, Anglo American Tools has shared a long and fruitful history with the ISA, as well as NIDA and SIDA. We offer a wide range of top quality European hand tools, many of which have come to be quite well known in the industrial supply community. A few examples: KNIPEX Pliers, RENNSTEIG Screw Extractors, NES Thread Repair Tools and KUKKO Pullers. This year we will also be featuring our newest line HAZET, known for their high quality specialty tools manufactured in Remscheid, Germany.

Over the years the ISA Product Show and Conference has proven itself extremely valuable to our success as a company. We always approach the ISA show with several goals in mind:

  • Generate new sales leads
  • Continue to build relationships with current customers and prospects
  • Train existing customers and sales representatives with product demonstrations
  • Recruit new sales representatives for specific markets/opportunities

The industrial marketplace is vital to our success, as the majority of our high quality products have been developed to meet the specific needs of industrial professionals. 

The ISA Product Show and Conference is the ultimate event for Anglo American to build brand awareness and to solicit valuable feedback from distributors on our newest product lines and promotional concepts. Furthermore, the show provides us with valuable networking opportunities as well as a chance to participate in a multitude of industry-related educational seminars.

Stop by booth #1922 to meet our industrial sales team and learn more about our line of high quality professional hand tools. We look forward to meeting you.

Wiser Choices

May 28, 2013 written by Andrew Tobin

At the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the third installment of Stephen Spielberg’s epic series starring Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones encounters the Guardian of the Holy Grail. The Guardian protects a room full of ornate goblets and chalices, one of which is the Holy Grail, the mythical cup from which Jesus Christ himself supposedly drank. The Guardian of the Grail advises Indy to “choose, but choose wisely” while he scours the room for the Grail. In true Hollywood fashion, one of Indiana Jones’ enemies does not heed this warning. He grabs one of the most ornate golden chalices in the room, drinks from it and immediately dissolves into dust. Naturally, our hero Indiana Jones is wise enough to understand nature of the task at hand and carefully selects the correct grail. 

I think often about hand tools and their many uses, whether around the house or at a place of work. I have come to realize that the challenge of choosing the right tool is quite similar to the test that Indy faced when choosing the Grail in a room full of similar golden vessels. Choose the wrong tool and a project suddenly becomes more difficult, more time consuming and perhaps even unsafe. “Choose wisely” and the correct tool can help you save time, as well as improve safety and efficiency. In the end, choosing the right tool will keep the worker safer and boost productivity.

At Anglo American Tools, we focus on providing hand tools that offer enormous benefits with regard to performance and overall quality. “Superior Quality, Professional Hand Tools” has been our motto for decades and our decision making process when selecting our suppliers hinges on this mantra. 

Some examples of our superior quality hand tools:

  • Knipex Cobra and Alligator pliers are far superior to the traditional slip joint or tongue and groove pliers, offering quicker adjustment mechanisms and a stronger grip.
  • Witte’s triangular shaped, multi-component screwdriver handles offer many advantages over screwdrivers with traditional square-shaped cellulose acetate handles, as Witte’s ergonomic designs combine comfort and power seamlessly.
  • Kukko pullers feature patented Armlock technology which effectively eliminates the stress that causes bolts to break on the arms of many commonly used pullers.
  • NES Universal Thread Repair tools offer many advantages over traditional tap and die sets. They adjust to fit bolts of virtually any diameter, depth and pitch (metric or English units) and can be used on right handed and left handed threads. These innovative tools can even repair threads that are at the beginning of a nut or bolt, whereas taps and dies cannot.

Consider your current selection of tools, and determine whether a “wiser choice” could be made when you are searching for the ideal tools for your next job. 

You must choose a tool, but please choose wisely and find your Holy Grail at Anglo American Tools.

Visit Anglo American Tools at the 2013 National Hardware Show

April 24, 2013 written by Andrew Tobin

History of the National Hardware Show 

The National Hardware Show has a rich history of serving the home improvement marketplace. Over the past four decades, the National Hardware Show has evolved to match the American home owners’ commitment to and passion for improving the quality of life through their homes.  Originally held in New York as a result of the housing boom after World War II, the show eventually moved to Chicago in the 1970s. For nearly three decades Reed Exhibitions and the American Hardware Manufacturers’ Association (AHMA) teamed up to organize the NHS during its tenure in Chicago. 

Despite years of successful cooperation, the two organizations split ways at the beginning of the new millennium, sponsoring two separate events. In 2004, the American Hardware Manufacturers’ Association held its AHMA Hardware Show in Chicago while Reed took the National Hardware Show to Las Vegas. The industry overwhelmingly supported the NHS’ move to Las Vegas and, subsequently, the AHMA Hardware Show was cancelled in 2005. 

Today, the National Hardware Show is the premier venue for international hardware manufacturers to present their ideas and new products to the American marketplace. The NHS brings the biggest names in the industry together every year, which provides both businesses and individuals alike with the valuable opportunity to promote innovation and cooperation within the Hardware industry.

Anglo American Tools and the NHS

Anglo American Tools has been an exhibitor at the National Hardware Show for nearly forty years. This annual event has long been a key venue for domestic and international manufacturers, associations and organizations to showcase their newest products to the extensive North American distribution network.  This unique tradeshow provides companies with the opportunity to re-connect with valuable customers and important partners, as well as the ultimate chance to network with new contacts within the industry.

At Anglo American Tools, we take great pride in the unique, high quality hand tools that we provide to wholesalers and distributors nationwide. We are very excited to bring our outstanding products to Las Vegas this year for the 2013 National Hardware Show. While the show takes place from May 7-9th, our team will be arriving a day early and departing a day later. This will ensure a smooth show set-up as well as some extra time on the back end to enjoy the Vegas scene.

This year Anglo will be bringing a team of four, three established veterans and an ambitious rookie:

Owner/President Stephen Tuck has represented Anglo American Tools at the National Hardware Show for nearly three decades, working his first NHS in 1984 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Over the course of the 80’s and 90’s, he oversaw the growth of our presence at the NHS, expanding from a 10’x20’ to a 20’x30’. Stephen’s extensive experience and knowledge of the industry are invaluable at an event as important as the National Hardware Show. 

Greg Genevro, Vice President of Industrial Sales, will be attending the NHS for his fourth time. Over the past four years, Greg has driven the sales of the NES Thread Repair Line through the roof and he is very excited to show the progress that has been made with our two newest product lines, Kukko and Hazet. Greg is eager to get to Vegas and looks forward to the many interesting conversations that are sure to develop over the course of the week. 

Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer Kyle Williams will also be returning to Vegas this year, making his third NHS appearance. Kyle looks forward to a very productive week away from the computer, exploring the show as he looks to find new inspiration to develop strategies to strengthen our marketing efforts. 

Business Development Manager and Marketing Specialist Andrew Tobin will also make the trip out to the NHS. This will be his first National Hardware Show as well as his first time in Vegas, an experience he will never forget.

Don’t forget to stop by booth #7449 to meet us and learn more about our line of high quality professional hand tools.

Hazet: Midwife of the Auto Industry

April 11, 2013 written by Andrew Tobin

HERMANN ZERVER The professional hand tool market leader supplies automotive shops worldwide and has been the savior for several major automobile manufacturers at times when specialty tools were needed on short notice.

Remscheid. Automobile manufacturers must take all into consideration during the birth of a new model: racy design, technical finesse, hip marketing campaigns and more.

Then somewhere down the line, comes the point at which automobile mechanics must come into play, as any new car will eventually need to be repaired. In many cases, this is Hazet’s finest hour, as many turn to this Remscheid based hand tool specialist to outfit mechanics with the appropriate tools. For example: a technician suddenly notices that he will not be able to reach an integral bolt with his standard ratchet in the newest model, Hazet will then design a ratchet that is suitable for this model.

In addition to technical know-how, speed and flexibility, secrecy and discretion are among the most important qualities that the experts in Remscheid bring to the table. “The manufacturers call us with the problems that they encounter at the start of the production of a new model,” says Klaus Fikert. “Bad reviews in Auto Test magazine or from the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club could be a worst case scenario for any automobile manufacturer.”

Major automobile manufacturers work in cooperation with the experts at Hazet to address potential problems as quickly as possible and to draw up concepts for the necessary specialty tools within a few days. When things need to move exceptionally quickly, Hazet is able to provide the tools within a few weeks. This allows automobile manufacturers to equip their licensed garages with the appropriate tools just in time for the introduction of a new series or model.

Hazet is the top brand in German car repair shops,” says Marketing Director Carsten Scholz. Recently, the annual volume of sales has totaled nearly 80 million Euro. The company employs 500 people, 350 of whom work at the two facilities in Remscheid. The others work at the flat-forging and sheet metal production facility, located in the area neighboring the train station at Güldenwerth. 

From here Hazet markets itself international and acts as a supplier to a number of car manufacturers that then distribute hand tools “Made in Remscheid” to their signature workshops. Around 300 different tools are included in the basic workshop equipment. The Hazet catalog lists tools for almost every conceivable car brand and model.

In doing so, the company is often faced with meeting contradictory requirements for competing clients. As models become smaller and more compact, the need for specialty tools continues to grow. Conversely, a recent trend has been going toward the possibility of implementing a uniform tool kit. “In the past, one had to take a car to be inspected for the first time after 5,000 kilometers,” clarifies Klaus Fickert. “Today one can drive over 30,000 kilometers before going in. Given that customers visit the shop less frequently, the workshop can’t afford to spend money on specialty tools for every model.”

Some 15 employees work in Hazet’s development department. One of their most recent projects involves the development of tools for electric and hybrid automobiles. “High voltage technology can be life threatening to people,” emphasizes Klaus Fickert. The tools must be appropriately protected from high voltage currents. “We still need to brainstorm correctly for the future, as the industry is expected to grow over the next few years.”

This year will mark Hazet’s 145 year in business. The company is older than the automobile industry itself and has made notable contributions to the advancement of specialty automotive hand tools since the birth of the car. Some Hazet products have even endured as iconic episodes from hand tool history, such as the vintage tool sets from the original VW Beetles. Most major automobile manufacturers have given up on vehicle-specific tool sets, largely due to high cost and a desire to minimize the weight of their products. Another factor involved is technological advancement. Today people tend to rely on computer diagnostics, executed by a trained specialist, rather than having a layman tinker around with hand tools.

Nevertheless, Hazet continues to play important roles in the new car sector. On one side, Hazetdevelops the necessary specialty tools for their newest models. On the other, some of the largest automobile manufacturers have also started to incorporate Hazet tool trolleys into their assembly lines. 

Hazet in the USA

In the United States, Anglo American Tools acts as the sales representative and exclusive distributor of the Hazet line. Over the past forty years, Anglo American has successfully introduced multiple German hand tool lines to the American marketplace.  For more information on Hazet torque wrenches, tool trolleys and a multitude of other specialty automotive tools, visit the Hazet page on our website or contact us by phone (856-784-8600) or by email (

Kukko Pulls on Merkel's Audi

April 5, 2013 written by Andrew Tobin

PULLERS: Special developments, even for the busses in Remscheid.

Remscheid, Germany. Angela Merkel’s official car should be considered among the best guaranteed vehicles in Germany. This fine automobile always travels with a set of tools made in Remscheid, as Kukko produces specialty tools for this ironclad Audi.

Gear pullers are this company’s trademark. As their name suggests, gear pullers extract objects such as gears, wheel sprockets and wheel hubs from an axle, evenly and with especially high power. Consequently, they prevent the twisting of certain elements and even the breaking of components when pulling objects apart lopsidedly.

Kukko has asserted itself as the international market leader in its segment. Nowadays, extraction tools from Remscheid are used to repair everything from the tiny speedometer needle on your dashboard to the massive wind turbines that power the modern world. Some these tools can even withstand up to 100 tons of force.

“If an equivalent weight of 50 cars is to hang on only two hooks, then one must have complete faith that nothing will break or fall” says Timo Winter, Export Manager at Kukko.  Therein lies this family company’s formula for success: customers worldwide place their faith in the high quality and dependability of these German made hand tools. Recently, Kukko has made new developments to its top-notch extraction tools for its loyal customer base. The most important development relates to the mounting of the gripping arms. On conventional pullers, a bolt holds the gripping arms to the main support and the entire pulling force is supported by this bolt. Kukko has improved upon convention and produces its pullers in a T-Form that distributes the pulling force evenly throughout the tool.

The many facets of the automobile industry make up an enormous proportion of Kukko’s business, as mechanics worldwide prefer to work with pullers made in Remscheid. In automobiles, Kukko tools are used in a variety of different applications: to remove windshield wipers, speedometer needless and wheel sprockets; to service the connection of water and gasoline lines; to extract ball bearings, gear wheels and bevel wheels in the engine and generator; to eject ball-and-socket joints for the maintenance of axel arms and steering columns; and many more. Even the tools used to calibrate the rear view camera in Angela Merkel’s Audi come from Remscheid.

In cooperation with the Remscheid public service department, Kukko has developed special pullers for the wheel hubs of low floor busses. Furthermore, major manufactures such as the MAN Group point to Kukko as their certified supplier of extraction tools in their handbooks.

The maintenance of machinery and other equipment is also a major market segment for Kukko products. This makes Kukko relatively self-contained from economic crises. “When the economic booms, old machines are overhauled in order to bolster output peaks,” says Winter. “And in times of crisis, these machines are repaired for as long as possible—both situations require pullers.”

In Germany and Europe as a whole, Kukko has been so successful that the production capacity of the Taubenstraße facility in Remscheid no suffices to meet the demand for the product. Over the course of the first half of 2013, Kukko’s administrative and logistics operations will move to Hilden, along with a portion of the production. For some years, the company has been strengthening its efforts to increase exports. The United States, Japan and India have long been on Kukko’s export map. Timo Winter’s current export acquisition plan will have him traveling to Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and Dubai, where he will focus on much more than simply admiring the many armored limousines that curve the streets of these rapidly developing countries.

KUKKO in the USA

In the United States, Anglo American Tools acts as the sales representative and exclusive distributor of the Kukko line. Over the past forty years, Anglo American has successfully introduced multiple German hand tool lines to the American marketplace. Since the 2012 International Hardware Show in Cologne, Kukko and Anglo American have been working diligently to put the best extraction tools in the world into the hands of the American tradesmen. Our hard work is paying off as demand for the Kukko line continues to grow!

Ratch-Cut: The Original Ratcheting Tube Cutter

April 3, 2013 written by Andrew Tobin

In 1982 Heinz Hutt, owner and founder of H.T. Mould, Inc., invented the Ratch-Cut Ratcheting Tube Cutter. Manufactured in Canada, Ratch-Cut products have enjoyed enormous success for many years. As is customary in the hand tool industry, once a tool has gained recognition for its unique innovations, copycat competitors begin to emulate the product design, often falling very short of the original quality. Quite a few companies offer copycat ratcheting tube cutter that have been manufactured in China and Taiwan and can be sold at lower prices. None, however, can be compared to the original!

Let’s examine the Ratch-Cut Ratcheting Tube Cutter in regard to some of its unique features and their benefits:

  1. High-quality cutting wheel comes standard with each model: Ratch-Cut products are able to cut quickly and precisely through copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic tubing, and thinwall PVC.
  2. Made from super strong aluminum-zinc alloy and reinforced with rynite 530 and 545: a fancy way to say that Ratch-Cut products are extremely durable.
  3. Designed for use in VERY tight spaces: The small size, light weight and thin profile of Ratch-Cut tools, coupled with a nifty ratcheting mechanism, allow one to work in tight spaces (e.g. under the sink, in a tight engine compartments or any difficult to access area).
  4. The Ratch-Cut ratcheting action tube cutter won the Invention of the Year in 1985 and will always be a solid addition to anybody’s toolbox.

Over the years, H.T. Mould Inc. has continually striven for excellence and innovation in their product designs. This year we are proud to introduce the newest version of theRatch-Cut Ratcheting Tube Cutter, which incorporates a sturdy spring mechanism that forces the cutter wheel to automatically tighten onto the pipe. This innovation eliminates the most common problem when using a ratcheting tube cutter: the need to adjust the tension on the cutting wheel while cutting.  The RC375A and RC1125A models speed up and simplify the cutting process, a convenience that the competition doesn’t offer!

We also offer the RC625 and RC875 models which also contain this spring mechanism and are designed to fit the most popular pipe sizes – ½” and ¾”. Again, the automatic tension provided by the spring allows you to cut pipe without making constant adjustments.

Ratch-Cut is the original, the tool that started a cutting revolution. We take great pride in making the best cutting wheels in the industry and continue to improve our designs for faster, easier cutting.

Try a Ratch-Cut tool today and see for yourself how well they perform.

Kukko Pullers: A Family Tradition of Excellence

March 15, 2013 written by Andrew Tobin

The history of Kukko extraction tools dates back almost 100 years to the end of the Great War. In 1919 Alfred Kleinbongartz and his brother-in-law Emil Kaiser saw an opportunity to capitalize on the war-torn German economy by designing a puller for the industrial market, a tool which would prove essential in the rebuilding of the nation. In 1936, building off the success of their original operation, the Kukko-Werkzeugfabrik Kleinbongartz & Kaiser was opened in Remscheid, Germany where it is still headquartered today. Nearly a century after its founding, Kukko remains a family company, now operated by fourth generation owners Wolfgang and Michael Kleinbongartz. Their dedication to manufacturing the best extraction tools has made Kukko into the premier German manufacturer of extraction tools for professionals in trade and industry.

Anglo American Tools is proud to be the representative for the distribution of Kukko extraction tools in the USA. Kukko’s program is very extensive and special orders for any and all items will be handled but we will be primarily focusing on the “Quick Adjust” line, a line of pullers that give the user the ability to rapidly adjust the placement of the pulling arms on the bridge without the use of a wrench. These models come in a range of sizes, as well as both two-arm and three-arm variations.

Kukko holds numerous German and foreign patents, utility models and designs which serve as a testament to the intensive, continuously successful developmental efforts of this world renowned manufacturer. Kukko has also been awarded for its superior designs, most recently by Popular Mechanics at the 2012 AAPEX Trade Show in Las Vegas: [see photo] Editor’s Choice Award for Innovation and Design.

Please take some time to review the “Quick Adjust” line on our website.  To better understand the multi-faceted benefits of these unique tools, refer to the Kukko catalog, which is available under the catalogs tab of our webpage. At this point, Anglo American Tools will not be stocking every item listed in the Kukko catalog; however, we can arrange a special order for any items that we do not stock. Lead time required for these special orders is normally 4-6 weeks but we will work with you to speed up delivery wherever and whenever possible.

Contact us by phone (856-784-8600) or by email ( for more information about this amazing product line.

IREGA Introduces 30” Behemoth (IR77-30)

February 18, 2013

IREGA is the world's only company solely dedicated to the manufacture of adjustable wrenches. With over 90% of its total production exported to more than 60 countries worldwide, IREGA has positioned itself as a market leader in Europe and stands at the forefront of the global trade in adjustable wrenches. 

IREGA manufacturers a full range of adjustable wrenches which is comprised of multiple different series, each designed to eliminate problematic elements that run-of- the-mill adjustable wrenches face when used in specific applications. The 77 series represents IREGA’s standard, 22 1/2˚ adjustable wrench: perfectly parallel jaw surfaces, precision-ground jaw sides and a threaded pin, which facilitates the maintenance and repair of the jaw and knurl. The 77 series has long been available in a wide range of sizes (4”- 24”), one of two finishes (chrome and phosphate) as well as either a right turning or left turning knurl. The 77 series also features a wide-opening model which offers a 30% greater jaw capacity.

Recently IREGA added the IR77-30 to supplement the already extensive 77 series. This massive 30” wrench features a reinforced joint (1.5” thick and 6.3” wide) and delivers superior support, as evidenced by the twelve pounds of solid vanadium steel that constitute the tool. The IR77-30 is designed to withstand abuse during the heaviest and most demanding jobs in the maintenance, industrial and commercial industries. Its massive frame provides a larger jaw capacity (3”—78 mm), as well as additional power and greater leverage. 

In 1989, IREGA set a new industry standard with the release of the 92 series: the first 22 1/2˚ adjustable wrench with a non-protruding jaw shank at maximum opening width. The non-protruding shank and slimmer jaw profile have made these wrenches indispensable when working in close quarters.  The 92 series is available in a wide range of sizes (4”- 18”), a chrome or phosphate finish, as well as either a right or left turning knurl. The 92 series adjustable wrenches are also available in two specialty models: the ErgoTop and the Super Wide-Opening. The ErgoTop model features a replaceable two-component ergonomic handle that provides a firm, non-slip grip while cushioning the hand during repetitive work. As its name suggests, the Super Wide-Opening model features modifications which increase the jaw capacity--by a whopping 60%!

IREGA Adjustable Wrenches are distributed exclusively by Anglo American Tools in Somerdale, NJ. To learn more about IREGA wrenches, contact us at 856-784-8600 with any additional questions.

Grip-On: Specialty Locking Pliers

January 10, 2013

At Anglo American Tools, we pride ourselves in bringing the most innovative European hand tools to the North American marketplace. Today, we would like to bring attention to the innovations of our Spanish partner Grip-On, manufacturer of the largest range of locking tools worldwide. The Grip-On V-Notched Straight Jaws (GR113-10) locking pliers are the only straight jaw locking pliers that truly provide a secure hold on round objects. The signature V-notch in the center of the jaws allows for a firm hold of round objects without compromising the tools performance in straight jaw applications.

Grip-On offers many other unique locking tools, such as the Groovy Grip series. The Groovy Grip locking pliers (GR122-07BK & GR122-10BK) feature longitudinal V-grooves which create three points of contact and effectively prevent lateral movement during work. The design of the jaws allows them to clamp flat work pieces with maximum contact while the convex jaw provides additional clearance in tight spaces. The epoxy resin coating on the Groovy Grip pliers is ten times more resistant to corrosion than traditional nickel plating. It repels corrosive welding spatter and even improves visibility in the workplace by reducing welding reflection. The epoxy resin is also significantly more eco-friendly, as the processes involved with nickel plating can be detrimental to the environment.
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