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Nes Thread Repair Recognized as PTEN Top 25 Most Requested Item of 2012

November 13, 2012 written by Andrew Tobin

Professional Tool and Equipment News Magazine will soon be announcing its “Top 100 Most Requested Items of 2012” list. PTEN annually shares this “Top 100” list in order to inform technicians about the products in which other technicians have expressed interest. The NES Thread Repair system will be featured online as well as in the printed December issue, a status reserved for the “Top 25” Most Requested items of the year. NES Thread Repair tools mend both internal and external damaged threads and eliminate the need for an extensive collection of taps and dies, as NES tools are designed to fit bolts of virtually any size.

An Oak Tree with a Memorial Stone..And How it Came to Be

November 13, 2012 written by Stephen Tuck

Surely you have already seen the memorial stone and oak tree in the patch of lawn between the canteen and the forge, but do you know what it’s all about?
It all started with an Englishman who wanted to try his luck in America. In 1969 Derrick A. C. Tuck and his wife Sheila immigrated to the United States to take over the sales department of an English hand tool company. In 1973 the two founded their own company, Anglo American Enterprises (AAE), which would henceforth represent multiple high-quality European hand tool companies in the USA.

The first interaction between Derrick Tuck and KNIPEX came about at the Cologne International Hardware Show. Afterward, cooperation between AAE and KNIPEX became more intensive and increasingly profitable and Anglo American ultimately developed into the sole importer for KNIPEX in the States.

All that knew him still remember his exemplary diligence, his outstanding sales abilities and his charismatic, congenial personality. One of his trademarks: the continuous consumption of large amounts of coffee, preferably with only a minute to spare before his flight gate closed for departure. His legendary product demonstrations were always executed with acrobatic commitment and never failed to excite his audience —for example, he would stand on the demonstration bar for the “Alligator” while on top of a table, emphasizing the gripping power of the pliers. Aided by his power of persuasion, Derrick succeeded in making the “Alligator” a top product in the US, laying the foundation for our market position in the USA today.

Even during his personal travels, he convinced all sorts of hand tool users that he encountered of KNIPEX’s superior quality. On cruises, his favorite spot was the machine room, an ideal place to demonstrate the quality of KNIPEX tools. Derrick was a familiar face at the Cologne International Hardware Show for decades and utilized his one-of-a-kind demonstration methods to successfully promote a variety of other products. We learned a lot from Derrick and still use many of his ideas today. To this day, many of our most important business relationships in the US are a result of his hard work.

A close friend of the Putsch family, Derrick Tuck passed away in 2003 at the age of 66 as a result of lung cancer.

Today, his wife Sheila and son Stephen continue to run Anglo American Enterprises. Since the founding of our American subsidiary KNIPEX Tools LP, Anglo American has functioned as our logistics provider in the US, warehousing and shipping our pliers.

Ralf Putsch and Stephen Tuck placed the memorial stone and planted the oak tree in appreciation and memory of Derrick Tuck. Both were donated by the Tuck family. They commemorate an exceptional person to whom KNIPEX owes a significant debt of gratitude.

Popular Mechanics Awards Kukko with "Editors Choice Award" at 2012 AAPEX Show

November 05, 2012 written by Andrew Tobin

Popular Mechanics, one of the most popular magazines among men in the US with some nine million copies in circulation, has chosen Kukko as the recipient of this year’s esteemed ‘Award for Innovation and Design’ at the AAPEX trade show in Las Vegas.

“In the US, the marketplace does not wait for German tools. Only a select few companies that understand the American market mentality, pursuing their ambitions with dedication and patience and utilizing the support of a great sales team, can achieve success in the United States. As a foreign company, we take a great measure of pride in the acceptance of such an esteemed award.  Of course, all of this would not be possible without the owners, who have stood behind the concept completely and continue to provide support. The real honors belong to Wolfgang andMichael Kleinbongartz!

The expansion of our production capacity with our new facility in Hilden, combined with this great award and, last but not the least, the positive reception of Kukko products in new markets, is the ultimate reward and motivator for all involved to continue their the hard work,” stated Timo Winter (Director of International Sales & Marketing) at the recent awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

About Kukko

The Kukko-Werkzeugfabrik Kleinbongartz & Kaiser oHG is the premier manufacturer of extraction tools for professionals in trade and industry. The company’s headquarters have been in Remscheid since 1936.

Kukko has been an independent, owner-managed, family enterprise for four generations and has established itself as a worldwide leader in the production of extraction tools of all sorts.

From the beginning, Kukko has specialized in the development and manufacturing of extracting tools for the non-destructive disassembly of gears, bearings, ball bearings and similar components in all areas of technology. Today, the puller lines and other disassembly tools are still the core business of the Kukko group.

Numerous domestic and foreign patents, utility models and designs serve as a testament to Kukko’s intensive, continuous and successful development efforts.

Kukko and Anglo American Tools

Anglo American Tools prides itself in presenting the best of European hand tools to the North American marketplace. Over the past four decades, Anglo American has successfully brought several German hand tool lines to consumers in the States, most notably Knipex pliers and Wittescrewdrivers. After lengthy deliberations and an intensive informational tour of the Kukko manufacturing facilities, Anglo American Tools has added Kukkoto its all-star line-up. Together, Kukko and Anglo American strive to provide the American end user with the best extracting tools on the market.

Anglo American Tools partners with two premier product lines from Germany

October 11, 2012 written by Andrew Tobin

Anglo American Tools is proud to announce its new partnerships with two very distinctive and well-respected German manufacturers, Kukko and Hazet. These new programs will be highlighted at the upcoming AAPEX (Booth #964) and STAFDA (Booth #1210) trade shows, in Las Vegas and Orlando, respectively.

Kukko, the premier manufacturer of pulling tools in Germany, offers a wide range of versatile products which are specialized to facilitate the non-destructive dismounting of gears, bearings, ball bearings and similar components in all areas of technology. Kukko utilizes multiple unique designs in their puller line, distinguishing them from competitors in the industry. The patented “Armlock” system of the puller arms ensures that the product is stronger and safer than any other model on the market today. In addition, they offer pullers with “Quick Adjust” technology for rapid adjustment of the puller arms- simply loosen the red knurled-knob adjusters, position the arms and retighten the knobs without ever using a wrench. Kukko offers a range of other tools, such as the Turnus line of alphanumeric stamps which come in multiple sizes and include the digits 0-9, both upper and lower case letters, the Greek alphabet and a variety of specialty symbols, something truly unique in today’s marketplace.

Hazet, recognized in 2011 as one of the "Top 100 Most Innovative Medium-sized Companies in Germany", is a leader in the manufacturing of tools geared toward the automotive market. Hazettorque wrenches, tool trolleys and a multitude of other automotive tools have been successfully marketed in the US for several years now. Despite its relative success in the US, Hazet has long seen the potential for growth in the US market. After lengthy discussions between the two companies,Hazet has chosen Anglo American Tools as its new representation on this side of the pond. Although it may take some time to fully understand the market demands, customers are encouraged to contact Anglo American ( for pricing, media and other information concerning the Kukko and Hazet product lines.

Anglo American Tools Launches New Online Store

August 30, 2012 written by Andrew Tobin

Adapt to survive. This notion has been a verity of the human condition from the beginning. In today’s fast-paced technologically-driven business environment, this statement holds as true as ever. Over the past three decades the increasing importance of computers and other new technologies has undoubtedly altered the workings of day to day life and successful businesses around the world have learned to adapt in order to survive in this ever-changing environment. 

Founded in 1973, Anglo American Tools has primarily conducted business from call-in orders and the standard avenues of distribution have led Anglo American products to end users. Recently, we have been working on an initiative to reach out to the modern customer who prefers to shop online. Now with the help of eCommerce giant Shopatron, Anglo American Tools offers the option to place an order directly from our website,

The online store provides us with the opportunity to introduce new products to the market immediately via the web. Shopatron also provides a 24/7 customer service hotline provided which will facilitate the process for our customers.

Here at Anglo American, we have always promised the highest level of service to our customers and our new online store will only enhance the shopping experience. Our high-quality products are now only a few clicks away!

Visit us at the 2012 National Hardware Show!

April 18, 2012 written by Stephen Tuck

Since the mid-70’s, Anglo American Enterprises Corporation has exhibited at The National Hardware Show. The premier show in the industry, previously in Chicago for many years, has been in Las Vegas for the past few years at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This annual event is an important venue to display Anglo American’s product range and introduce new products. This year is no exception. It is also an ideal time to network with associates in the industry and re-connect with valuable customers and important partners. In addition, the company has been rebranded as Anglo American Tools with a new image and logo.

Anglo American Tools prides itself as being well known for the unique, high quality hand tools that are offered to wholesalers and distributors throughout the United States. All of the product lines are manufactured in Europe and offer unique features and benefits that are not commonly found in the market. For example, many show participants showed enormous interest in the NES Universal Thread Repair line, which was introduced 2 years ago. This system offers a quick and easy way to repair damaged threads without the use of taps and dies. Recently, Anglo American Tools introduced the Red Toolbox program, in addition to other programs over the years.

This year, Anglo American Tools is proud to announce their new partnership with Kukko, a puller manufacturer located in Remscheid, Germany. Kukko specialize in the manufacturing of extractor tools, such as pullers for dismounting gears, bearings, and similar components.

Kukko is regarded as the premier puller line in Germany. Their development of a unique and clever line of pullers known as the “Quick Adjusting Universal Pullers" will be Anglo American’s primary focus. These pullers include 2-arm and 3-arm models that come in a variety of sizes and styles.

We will also have some new Knipex pliers on display as well as other new items from our different factory partners. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and discussing the products and how we can work together. Please stop by and visit us at Booth 7449.

New partnership with puller manufacturer Kukko

March 21, 2012 written by Kyle Williams

Anglo American is proud to announce their new partnership with Kukko, a specialty manufacturer in Germany. Kukko specialize in the manufacturing of pullers for all applications and are highly regarded as Germany’s premier line. They also manufacture the Turnus program of clamps.

Anglo American will be marketing the pullers in the US and will be attending several important trade shows over the next few months to introduce the line of pullers. We will exhibit at WESTEC in Los Angeles, ISA in San Antonio and the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas in May.

Please check back on our web site for further information on the line of Kukko pullers.

We would also be interested in learning of your specific applications and which models and brands that you have been using. The Kukko brand has some specific advantages in their features and benefits.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Anglo American Tools travels to Germany for the Koln Fair

February 09, 2012 written by Stephen Tuck

Every two years, Koln, Germany hosts the International Hardware Fair. There are almost 3000 exhibitors from the various sectors of the hardware industry and many of Europe’s leading hand tool manufacturers exhibit at this important trade show in order to expose their new and existing products to the many trade visitors.

Considering Anglo American’s product range consists of superior quality Hand Tools from Europe, this is an ideal time to re-connect with existing factory partners, discuss ways of expanding a wider product range into the USA and explore new factory partners that may be complementary to the existing product range.

Anglo American will consist of 3 visitors, including the President, Stephen Tuck, who has attended the show at least a dozen times. “Certainly, it is valuable to meet with existing suppliers and discuss mutually strategic initiatives. However, one must walk the show with their eyes and ears open in order to capitalize on new opportunities”. In addition, Greg Genevro, VP Sales, who attended his first Koln Fair 2 years ago, is anxious about discussing opportunities with new products and ways to increase market share in the USA for each of the factory’s products. Also attending the Fair will be Anglo American’s IT/Marketing Manager, Kyle Williams. Whereas Koln is a far cry from his roots in Nanticoke, PA, he is eagerly looking forward to discussing social media possibilities, expansion of video and YouTube in order to communicate the features and benefits of the hand tools on Anglo American’s website.

There will also be time planned for factory tours at the world famous Knipex factory in Wuppertal, as well as the Kukko factory in Remscheid. Whereas Anglo American has sold Knipex for 35 years, Kukko is a new supplier, yet is an experienced manufacturer in Germany designing and making pullers for industrial and automotive applications.

Stay tuned for our summary of our exciting trip to Germany.

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