Automatic Ratcheting Tube Cutters
Made in Canada by RATCH-CUT
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  • Cuts quickly and precisely through copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic tubing, thinwall PVC and CPVC
  • The small size, light weight and thin profile of the ratcheting tube cutters, coupled with the special ratcheting mechanism allows for working in very tight spaces
  • Durable replacement cutting wheels available
  • Only needs to be tightened once, as the tool rotates and cuts, the spring mechanism applies more pressure to the blade, allowing easier cutting


RC375A 4" Plastic 1/8" - 3/8"
RC1125A 7.1/4" Plastic 5/16" - 1.1/8"
RC375-7C - 2-pc retail pack spare cutting wheels for RC375A -
RC1125-7C - 2-pc retail pack spare cutting wheels for RC1125A -

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