Anglo American Hand Tools
2 & 3 Arm Puller Set
Made in Germany by KUKKO
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  • Glide & Fix Technology: The geometry of the cross-bar and sliding parts has been optimized to ensure particularly easy movement of the extractor hooks along the cross-bar. But it also ensures a rock-solid hold once positioned on the bolts
  • Quick-Adjust Technology: A manual adjustment knurl allows rapid loosening and adjusting of the extractor hooks without using a wrench
  • Self Lock Technology: By turning the locking screw the hooks are centered and tensioned and therefore firmly grip the piece to be pulled off. This prevents the hooks moving or slipping off


KKKS2030-1+S 3.5/8" 4" 13


    Established in 1919, KUKKO has withstood the test of time and continued to produce innovative products which facilitate problematic industrial tasks. KUKKO has specialized in the production of pullers for nearly a century and is highly regarded as Germany’s premier line.

    Kukko pullers utilize multiple unique features, which exhibit a level of ingenuity and innovation unparalleled in today’s puller market. These pullers are cleverly designed and diligently crafted to provide the user with superb functionality. Kukko pullers use patented “ArmLock” technology, which guarantees maximum stability of the sliding arm and the hook during use. The geometry of the pullers’ crossbar and sliding parts have also been optimized (rounded) to ensure exceptionally easy movement of the extractor hooks along the crossbar, while simultaneously offering a rock-solid hold once positioned on the bolts.

    Another exceptional component of the KUKKO line are the “Quick Adjusting Universal Pullers”. The Quick Adjusting line of pullers will be Anglo American’s primary focus. This specialty line of pullers includes both 2-arm and 3-arm models which are available in a variety of sizes and styles. The knurled-knob adjusters enable quick loosening, positioning and tightening of the puller arms by hand, requiring no wrench.


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