Spreader Tool
Made in Germany by KUKKO
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  • Extracts shock absorber mountings and steering components (ball joints)
  • Safe, quick and easy ball joint removal/installation
  • No need to pry open with chisels, screwdrivers, wedges, etc., which may damage part or cause personal injury
  • Universal application for a variety of projects
  • Small and compact tool which fits in tight areas
  • Mechanical pressure spindle has milled thread and also has special Kukko coating for smooth operation
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ITEM # Width Height Hex (mm)
KK145-2 1" 3 3/4" 17


    KUKKO, the premier manufacturer of pulling tools in Germany, offers a wide range of versatile products, which are specialized to facilitate the non-destructive dismounting of gears, ball bearings and similar components in all areas of technology. Utilizing multiple unique designs in their puller line, KUKKO distinguishes themselves from competitors in the industry.

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