Long Nose Specialty Pliers
Made in Germany by KNIPEX
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  • KN28 series have flat, wide, serrated jaws, good for assembly work
  • KN29 series have cross-cut gripping surfaces
  • KN30 series pliers are long nose pliers without cutter, and have a variety of jaw shapes to aid in various tasks
  • KN31 series have extra long 2-inch jaws for very exact bending and adjusting of electronic components


KN2801200 8" Plastic-Coated
Flat, wide
KN2821200 8" Plastic-Coated Half-Round
KN2911160 6.1/4" Plastic-Coated Flat, wide
KN2921160 6.1/4" Plastic-Coated Half-Round, slim
KN2925160 6.1/4" Knipex Comfort Half-Round, slim
KN3011160 6.1/4" Plastic-Coated Long, Trapezoidal
KN3015160 6.1/4" Knipex Comfort Long, Trapezoidal
KN3021160 6.1/4" Plastic-Coated Long, half-round
KN3031140 5.1/2" Plastic-Coated Long, round
KN3031160 6.1/4" Plastic-Coated Long, round
KN3035160 6.1/4" Knipex Comfort Long, round
KN3111160 6.1/4" Plastic-Coated Extra long, slim
KN3115160 6.1/4" Knipex Comfort Extra long, slim
KN3121160 6.1/4" Plastic-Coated Extra long, 45 deg
KN3125160 6.1/4" Knipex Comfort Extra long, 45 deg
KN3211140 5.1/4" Plastic-Coated Flat, concaved, pointed
KN3221140 5.1/4" Plastic-Coated Flat, wide
KN3231140 5.1/4" Plastic-Coated Flat, 45 deg, concave
KN3301160 6.1/4" Plastic-Coated Duckbill-shaped

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