Round Files
Made in Portugal by TOME FETEIRA
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  • Round files are for rounding out and enlarging circular openings and curved surfaces, often by manufacturers of taps, drills, reamers, gears and ball bearings
  • Double cut and tapered
  • Made from high quality chromium alloy steel
  • Special lacquer provides protection from rust spots


EM4RB 4" Bastard
EM6RB 6" Bastard
EM8RB 8" Bastard
EM10RB 10" Bastard
EM12RB 12" Bastard
EM14RB 14" Bastard
EM4R2 4" Second
EM6R2 6" Second
EM8R2 8" Second
EM10R2 10" Second
EM12R2 12" Second
EM14R2 14" Second
EM4RS 4" Smooth
EM6RS 6" Smooth
EM8RS 8" Smooth
EM10RS 10" Smooth
EM12RS 12" Smooth
EM14RS 14" Smooth
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